I finally decided to write a book. It is only in rough outline form right now and I do not even have a publisher, but I have started the process. It was only after a lot of prayer that I decided to enter the world of books. First, I wanted to make sure writing was God’s idea for me and not my plan or other’s plans for me. Second, I wanted to make sure my first book really captured the core of my values and my beliefs. Without giving away the title prematurely, I believe it has done just that.


I have found myself encouraging the team here at New Life and others around the country to write books. I think books have a place in advancing the Kingdom of God for several reasons.


 1.  Books are portable


Not everyone can come to a Sunday gathering or is tech savvy enough to download a podcast, but most of us can read or can listen to an audio book. Books make revelation and truth accessible to just about anyone at just about anytime. Books can be read sitting in a waiting room, during a trip on a plane or on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Books can be consumed in one sitting or processed at a slow, easy pace that is best for the reader.


2.  Books are perpetual


Long after I have left earth for heaven, the truths captured in books written by me will remain. Many of the books that have changed my life were written by men and women who have long since departed this life. Written words can transcend time and generations and continue changing lives for perpetuity. My heritage will be defined by more than just books, but what I write will certainly add to my body of work on the earth.


 3.  Books are personal


Books allow me into the world of the author. I get insights from amazing leaders, thinkers, and futurists without the benefit of spending personal time with them.  I often feel that I know the author while reading their work. I have met many of my favorite writers in person and most often, I feel an immediate sense of relationship with them. The great writers reveal the core of their being in their books and I am certainly the better for knowing them.

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