Being a pastor is a privilege and I am grateful I get to spend my life serving people in the context of the local church. Growing up, though, I imagined that working at church was a dreadful way to spend your life. I was wrong.  While it is a blessing to be called “pastor”, there are three key elements that must be in place for this calling to be fulfilling to me. Without any one of them, ministry in the local church becomes a burden that can literally overwhelm me.


1.       Ministry must be innovative

Innovation makes ministry fun and keeps me coming back to the church office everyday excited about the new thing that God is doing.  Ministering ancient truths with new ideas and methods fends off the boredom and routine that can settle on a church that is resistant to change or in love with the old wine. I am rarely the one that comes up with the new ideas, but I love the tribe of innovators that surround me at New Life and I love the energy from heaven that is released when we simply ask the question – “Is there a better way to do this?”


2.       Ministry must be for the Kingdom

This is not about the fame of people or of an institution. Notoriety is an addictive drug and the only cure is humility. We must stay committed to making Jesus famous and not ourselves. This is not about mega book deals, although I love to write books. This is not about getting on the conference speaking circuit, although I love to host and attend conferences.  Most of us came into ministry with pure motives only to be ensnared by narcissism, greed or pride. Ministry must be for the benefit and growth of God’s kingdom on the earth and not for the benefit of our own personal empire.


3.       Ministry must be done with friends

I like to work with my friends. I usually hire my friends. I make no apologies. Ministry is too hard without friends around you to help carry the burden. When I came to New Life two years ago, a few friends came with me and literally helped me survive the first 24 months. Now, I am becoming friends with the team I inherited and my ministry has moved from surviving to almost thriving. Friends make a huge difference. Without them, the mountain seems impossible to climb, but with them. you feel like you can slay giants.


Are you fulfilled with the calling God gave you? If not, maybe you have stopped being innovative? Maybe it has become too much about you and not enough about God. Maybe, you need to bring some friends around you to help carry the burden.

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