Living for heaven is a great idea. Difficult to execute, but still a good idea. Most of us are not wired to wait. We want instant gratification and an immediate return on investments. Heaven seems like a long way off and way too mysterious. For me, this is the foundational principle that governs the way I save, the way I give, and the way I purchase. Living with an eternal mindset helps me to travel light here on earth. I am a pilgrim. I am a sojourner. I am citizen of a better place. This all bogs down when we become possessed by our possessions. I have made a decision to live by some very simple principles.


1. Spend less than I make.

2. Live with as little debt as possible.

3. Save and manage wisely.

4. Give generously at every opportunity. 


These are my goals. While there are plenty of examples that point to my failures in these areas, I hope these principles spill over into more and more of my heart. At the end of my life, I want to have great memories of the earth and its blessings. I just don’t want earth to be difficult to leave. Jesus said my heart would be in the place where my treasures are stored. I hope that place is heaven. 

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