When should we give more to the local church? Acts 4 says people brought the proceeds from the sale of land and and homes and gave it to the church to distribute to anyone who had  a need. This requires two things. This requires that the local church be committed to helping needy people and it also requires that those who have available resources give generously. It sounds a little like spiritual socialism. But in the first century, this type of giving was the very reason the first church survived. I am committed to the original recipe of church. Love one another, serve another, pray for one another, and rally around one another in the hour of greatest need. I believe the local church is poised for its finest hour during this time of economic upheaval. This is when we can truly demonstrate the greatest commandment – love God and love one another. God will provide. We will survive. We will testify of God’s goodness to a generation starving for authenticity and truth.

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