I know this sounds a bit bold, but I can absolutely guarantee what will happen in 2012. Guaranteed. No doubt in my mind.

1. The Mayans will be proved wrong. No one knows when it will all end, especially the Mayans. There will be a 2013.

2. We will elect a president.

3. 50% of Americans will immediately not like the president elect.

4. New Life will pay off a load of debt and the poor in our city will be served better.

5. The Broncos and Cowboys will both watch the Super Bowl from their couches.

6. I will lose weight or wear out an elliptical trying.

7. I will read more books than any other year of my life, including my college years.

8. You will read my new book that releases in September. (Shameless plug)

9. I will not wear a suit and tie on a Sunday morning at New Life.

10. I will get an angry email from a Mayan.

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