I finally checked out of a Denver hospital after 8 days and arrived home for continued recovery yesterday (June 17). It is really great to be with Pam and the kiddos and surrounded by the familiar sounds of my own home. Surgery to replace my pulmonary valve was successful. I now just have to get over the guilt of eating beef, since a cow’s aorta was used as the replacement.

Six days after my surgery, some additional tests were run and it was determined it would be best for me to have a Defibrillator, which was installed on the same day. This device simply corrects any rhythms that could be harmful to me in the future. It is better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have one.

Thanks for all your prayers. Here are some requests for right now.

1. Pray that my body will receive the defibrillator without any complications or infections.

2. Pray that that my heart will adapt to the new and improved function and that my strength would increase.

3. Pray for Pam who to has to give me care.

I look forward  to seeing all of you soon. God bless.

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