The mysteries of God are not meant to frustrate us. Instead, what we don’t know about Him should call us back to a place of wonder and worship. We must continue to seek Him, to pursue Him and to discover new things about the character and nature of a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine.

If we ever believe we have God figured out, we will simply worship our theology or ideology. We will worship our image of God and slowly, over time, we will lose our enchantment of Him. Our dogmas would become our idols and we would immediately reject anyone who does not agree with our authoritative opinion.

Not long ago, someone complained to me that we are writing too many new songs and that we should just stick with the familiar tunes. That would be disastrous! We must write new songs and keep exploring and explaining to ourselves and to others what it means to know our fascinating Father. To be content with only the old songs would cause us to lose our wonder.

Journey with me and let’s keep pressing into His nature, His character and His love. Let’s turn our questions and disappointments into fuel for the furious pursuit of a God who thinks better than us and has plans far better than we have imagined or supposed. Worship is best when our wonder has not waned.

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