We have made Christianity way too complicated.  It is not about complex theology or understanding some hidden code, but instead, it is quite simple if you follow the teachings of Jesus. Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as yourself.

This past Sunday, I challenged the people of New Life to return to these simple ideas and to embrace a culture of genuine hospitality. In the next six weeks, I asked our fellowship to do one of the following.

1. Bring a meal to someone who is sick, has just had a child or has suffered a loss in their family.

2. Invite a new person in the church to your home for a meal or dessert.

3. Invite a student who is away from their family to your home for a home cooked meal.

4. Host a New Life group in your home next semester.

5. Invite someone who has no family in town to your home to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I believe hospitality and sharing meals together is powerful. Church is not an event to attend but a family in which to belong. In a family, meals are time to talk and to laugh. Let’s open our hearts and our homes to our family, to strangers or to anyone else that God leads our way.

Share your stories with me along the way. I believe God is forming a family before he forms an army. Let’s practice hospitality and let’s do it cheerfully.

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