We may have found our first building for the Dream Centers we wish to open. It is a small first step, but I am super excited to get started.

The building is a two-story office complex in the geographic center of our city. I will give you an address once the elders and I finalize the lease. The building is being given to us rent free!

We believe we can open a free medical clinic on the first floor and begin marriage and family ministry for military couples on the second floor. Of course, both will be led by a coalition of volunteers.

We are still looking at other properties around the city that would allow us to meet the unmet and underserved needs in our community. We are also in the early stages of getting a separate 501(c)3 for the Dream Centers and talking to potential board members from the business, military and church worlds.

Thanks for praying with me. God is at work and I am grateful to be a part of what He is doing. Greater things are yet to come in our city.

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