There are two groups of people. One group loves change and gets bored easily unless something is changed fairly often. The other group hates change and thinks any change is the result of a government conspiracy or the beginning of the New World Order. You guessed correctly if you think I belong to the first group. To be fair to the other group, let me explain why we decided to change the Sunday service times to 9:30, 11:30 and 5:30 starting September 13.


 1. Right now, the 11am service is 75% full and with the growth we are expecting this fall, this service will be at capacity. We are hoping that many of you who now attend the 11am service will go to the new 9:30 service to allow room for the new families who are starting to attend New Life.


2.  9am is too early for anything to happen on Sunday morning. 9am is when most of us have to be at work Monday-Friday, so we decided on 9:30 so all of us can get a little extra rest on Sunday. Plus, if we are rested at church, we are nicer and not as grumpy.


3.  Starting at 9:30 gives the roads an extra 30 minutes to thaw and clear during the winter. Let’s face it, when it snows, most people wait to come to the later service so the road crews can clear the streets. Starting at 9:30 gives us a little more time for safe travel on those snowy Colorado Sunday mornings.


4. Since we are starting a new Sunday night service at 5:30, it will be easier to communicate the three service times if all three started on the half hour – 9:30, 11:30, 5:30.


For those of you who like change, this is an exciting blog. For those in the second group, please pray before leaving any nasty comments.  See you Sunday.

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