It seems our church has regained some momentum and I am encouraged that our sails are filled with the winds of heaven once again. Momentum is a powerful idea that is defined asan impelling force or strength” and is absolutely necessary for any of us to move forward or to feel like we are making progress. Early sailors prayed for favorable winds to fill their sails for their journey across the oceans and seas and we have prayed the same prayers as a church.


The past two weekends, over 35,000 people witnessed the Thorn and Crown, epic productions focusing on the arrest, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Over 1000 volunteers from our church spent over two months practicing and praying for the eight performances. As a result, hundreds made decisions to follow Jesus and thousands of believers rediscovered a new passion for the message of the cross.


Sunday, I sensed a renewed energy in the people of New Life and new sense of forward momentum. I think this happened because so many people committed themselves to something that required strength from heaven and the use of their unique spiritual gifts. When we surrender ourselves to the call and purposes of God, heaven responds with power and strength that literally propels us forward, like a ship charging across the waves.


Our church has had its share of challenges and many more opportunities for shipwrecks. We are thankful and grateful that God has steered us away from the rocks time after time and has pointed us to the deep waters where we can sail fast and free to new lands. Momentum is good and I am thankful for the new day that is dawning at New Life Church.

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