There is only one time I can worship God and that is right now. I worshipped God yesterday and I plan to worship Him tomorrow, but right now is the only time I can actually bow low before my Maker and declare my love for Him.  Our enemy knows this and that is why he wants to distract us from the “right now” moment and make us focus on other things. If he can keep us from worshipping God right now, he can rob us of the victory we need right now.


He uses fear and shame to keep us away from God. Shame is the focus on the failures of yesterday and fear is the worry about tomorrow. If our enemy can keep us focused on yesterday and tomorrow, we will not worship the one true God right now. People who are ashamed will shrink from the idea of worship and people who are fearful might go through the religious motions of worship but their minds are distracted by the worries of tomorrow.


Worship is not for perfect people. Jesus never told us to get our act together before we approached Him in worship. He told us to come to Him when we are tired and weary and He would give us rest. He told us to come to Him when we are needy, dirty and desperate. He told us to believe in what He had done for us at the cross and not focus on what we had done for Him or what we failed to do for Him.


So right now is the time to worship Him. Shame and fear will not keep me from His presence another second. He is waiting and wanting me to approach Him because in His presence is the joy I so desperately need.

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