This week marks the halfway point of the 90-day challenge we started on January 1st. The challenge includes four ideas.


* Be thankful at all  times

* Live below our means

* Set aside our first and best and give it away

* Look for opportunities to serve others


I realize that recent events have distracted us from this challenge, but I am still convinced these principles are life changing when put into practice. I have already heard great stories of families who have allowed “Mr. Budget” to live with them and how it has changed the way they plan and spend. Other couples tell me they are arguing less about finances, even in the midst of economic difficulty and uncertainty.


I also have heard stories of people giving the first and best to God for the first time. They tell me it has stretched their faith and allowed them to trust God more completely than ever before.  Without faith it is impossible to please God and the most difficult area to trust Him, many times, is with our finances. However, it is really fun to give to those in need and to give sacrificially toward vision and strategy.


I hope we can all re-focus our attention on these four principles and for the next 45 days allow God to change our perspective, discipline our spending, increase our generosity and turn our hearts toward our neighbors.


Send me your stories and thanks for accepting the challenge!

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