We are launching a renewed emphasis on prayer at New Life Church this week. While there has always been constant prayer at the church, we have not met together very often as a congregation to focus our prayer efforts. That will change this week. Revival Town is a multi-generational prayer gathering led by David Perkins and Jon Egan that meets every Tuesday night at the World Prayer Center at 6:30. I will lead a men’s prayer gathering every Thursday morning at the World Prayer Center at 6:30am.  We do not have a cool name but we are open to your ideas.


What are the components that make these times of prayer so effective? Of course, I have three because I am a preacher!


1.      Prayer should be easy.

Prayer was never meant to be complicated. That’s why Jesus used only 56 words in the Lord’s Prayer. I do believe you become better at praying as you mature as a believer, but that does not mean it gets more complicated. In fact, the easiest way to be effective is to simply pray the promises in Scripture. In other words, let the Bible do the talking.


2.      Prayer should be exhilarating.

Some of my best memories as a believer is praying with other believers. There is a real energy from heaven in a room of praying Christ followers. It seems all of our faith, when combined, helps us pray more passionately, more fervently, and with greater intensity. A cord of three strands is not easily broken and believers who pray together are not easily discouraged.


3.      Prayer should be powerful.

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit is released best when we pray and worship. In fact, the success of the prayer gathering is not based solely on our prayers being answered. Many times, the success of these meetings is found in the personal growth of those who participate. Spiritual exercise produces strong spiritual people. These meetings are an opportunity to exercise the spiritual gifts we have been given and to see them grow strong.


I hope all of you join us on this journey of prayer at New Life. We are returning to our heritage as a church that prays together for our city, our nation and our world while, at the same time, finding our own unique identity for the 21st Century.


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