This morning we had a huge Easter egg hunt at our house. Roughly 40 kids between ages 2 and 8 and about 300 eggs. It lasted all of 10 minutes. Kids are quick these days, especially in a field of candy.Earlier, as we were preparing for our friends to arrive, my boys (6 and 5) were looking at a program from The Thorn, the Easter production put on by my great friend John Bolin. There were pictures of Jesus hanging on the cross with the crown of thorns on His head and bloody whip markings all over his chest. The boys didn’t recognize him. They asked me if that was Jesus. We chose not to take them to The Thorn this year because of the graphic-ness. We went to The Crown instead which is a concurrent production for kids.This weekend the clash is so evident in my mind. Its hard to know how to celebrate a death and a resurrection in one weekend. Do we mourn or party? Do we flog ourselves or crank the rock-n-roll. I guess I’m up for all of it. There’s just so much to unpack. I love that its called “The Passion” because to me its “The Death”. The fact that He rose feels so obvious and natural. He’s God. Why wouldn’t He kick everyone’s butt. But the fact that He let Himself die……..and we call it “The Passion”. It still shocks me.This year the shock is my response/worship………in the midst of candy and crosses.

Jared Anderson

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