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Planting Seeds of Service

Is your curiosty piqued yet?

“Imagine a Place

…comfortable, peaceful, the aromatic smell of fresh spices and freshly baked bread. Fresh roasted coffee, the clanging of a pot or pan in the background, laughter, friends, and family…community!”

The exact words from Seeds Community Cafe’s homepage
I’ll add a few more words. Healthy, homegrown, organic food, lovingly cooked and arranged on colorful, ceramic plates. Mumford and Sons playing quietly behind the general hum of all sorts of conversation.

One lady in a dress suit drinking coffee at a small table, sitting beside another table where a man in a patched, over-sized jacket is drinking a cup of the same fresh brew.

One pays in dollars. One pays in an hour of clearing tables. But both eat, both enjoy the same graciously prepared meals. Both find warmth in the volunteer servers’ greetings. The air is literally saturated with sincere hospitality. Chat with Chef Director Lyn Harwell for just one minute and it becomes clear how Christ’s love drives him.

The draw could be the amazing, homemade desserts or funky, earthy music, or the art by local artists displayed on the yellow and lime green walls. Or it could be some inner pull towards a place where “old-fashioned” love-your-neighbor kind of community still exists in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs.

One world. Everyone eats.

Pay what you can, but this is no soup kitchen; I serve you, you serve others. If you cannot pay anything, still be welcomed with open arms! We will show you how to deliver food, wash dishes, cut brussels sprouts, mop floors, in short, how to serve. And after our hard work, let us share the same, well-earned food together.

Check out Seeds Community Cafe at 109 E. Pikes Peak Avenue. Volunteer here.