Are You Vulnerable?

It happens more often than any of us want to believe. Each year, more than 12,000 El Paso County children are reported as abused – physically attacked, emotionally damaged, sexually molested, or severely neglected – often by the people they have loved and trusted most.

They are children like Jimmy, an eight-year old who has known more of violent tempers and cruel comments than he has hugs, kind words and loving encouragement. They are children like Malachi and his three sisters who only see each other once a year when they attend camp. It is for these children and children like these that God has called us to host a Royal Family KIDS camp for the foster children in our city.

Royal Family KIDS Camps exist to provide foster children a free week of camp in a positive environment where they can receive Christian love and care, an environment where they can interact with adults modeling healthy family and home, an environment where they feel safe to be themselves and to be children full of joy and life. It is our goal to immerse these kids, who have had too many sad days and experiences, in an environment of positive praise, success oriented activities and the love of adults who are there to serve them.

Join with us in extending God’s loving hand to these children in despair and give them hope to take one more step toward a better tomorrow and a brighter future.




Stay tuned for soon-to-be-announced volunteer opportunities!

Michael Babb

Royal Family KIDS Camp Director

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