A Cross Cultural Experience at Home

A good friend of mine who has been a faithful member of NLC and like family to me married a girl who was born in a large city in central China. My grandpa was born in that same city of China and lived there until he was 15.  Another one of our members is currently a missionary in that same city. New Life is home to a Chinese fellowship that meets every Sunday and continues to bless the many Chinese families in Colorado Springs. As you can tell, we have deep connections to this ancient country filled with 1,344,810,000 of the 7 billion people now alive today, and many of us have wondered how we can visit China. I encourage everyone to be involved in short-term ministry overseas. Yet, it might not be the right time for you and your family to go to China. Still, you might be wondering how you can connect to their enduring culture and their beautiful people. We have an opportunity right now for an incredible cross-cultural experience of getting to know young Chinese leaders here in Colorado Springs.

We are sponsoring Chinese students once again to come and enjoy the Desperation Conference, a cross-cultural school, and most importantly, an experience of home sponsorship, where the students get to know what it is like to live with an American family and be involved in their daily routines. I want to share with you an email from Nancy, who sponsored some students from central China last year:

“Who would have thought that at age 48 I’d become a mother again? Yes,
my two sons arrived on my 48th birthday, along with 25 other middle
and high school students from Chengdu, China. Last summer’s hosting
experience impacted my family and the boys that  stayed with us for 19
days. They called me “Mum” and were so excited to be part of an
American family. They were in America for a few weeks to practice
their English and learn American culture. What an amazing opportunity
to do missions in my own home–without the expense of airfares, eating
unusual foods, and getting visas! For almost three weeks my family and
I just showered them with love. The boys went to Desperation
Conference and commented, “I can’t explain it, but something inside
feels different!” The difference was that they had encountered God’s
love and presence in a powerful way unlike anything they had found
before in China. The boys’ life in China revolves around school that
starts at 7:40am and goes until 10pm. They live at the school and go
home on weekends to be with their parents, but the reality is that
they spend the time on extra tutoring. When my boys stayed with us,
they saw a family that wasn’t perfect, but they immediately became
part of the family. They loved learning how to run the lawn mower and
vacuum. They learned to make pizza, and I still smile when I think of
my Chinese math major son strategically placing each pepperoni with
mathematical precision. My sons email with me and worry if they think
I’m working too hard. One of my sons wrote to tell me that he prayed
to God before taking a test. The boys plan on coming to America for
university, so I’m hopeful that I’ll see them again. Those 19 days of
sharing my home will happen again. This year I’ll be “Mum” to a 14
year-old girl. Can’t wait to expand my family, my life, and touch
another person with Gods love.”

I can’t imagine a better way to experience the love of God than being placed in a loving family, even if just for three weeks. If you’d like to become family to one or more of these young leaders, please contact Nancy Sutton at nancyhrh@gmail.com. Of course, the kids will be blessed, and I am sure that you will, too!

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