Building Strong Internships in Your Local Church

Posted by Brady Boyd

Recently, I sat down with Pastor David Perkins and talked at length about building a student leadership ministry in every local church or what a lot of people call internships. Pastor David leads our student ministry here at New Life, which includes the Desperation Leadership Academy. We talked about lots of issues, including the use of volunteers, empowering student leaders and keeping people engaged. I think this will be really helpful to your church if you are serious about building relationships and discipling high school, college and 20-somethings. Let me know what is working in your congregation in the comments section below.


Click here to watch the video.


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  1. Continuing on the “let her lead” thread, I wonder if uniformity might be one thing working less and less: . And I wonder what might work better instead. I wonder what that ecclesiology, styles of leadership, mission, and nature might look like.

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